Being part of a team, sharing goals and experiences, motivating individuals to work in groups: these are some of the most common results that a business can get through a project of corporate incentives.
ADPERSONAM plans and organizes teambuilding activities and corporate events and recreation time, to create cohesion in a group or team, to overcome any communication barriers among the staff, strengthening the employee motivation.

All our corporate team building programs are set in a fascinating and relaxing environment and are focused on creative programs, carefully planned and with a wide range of itineraries and programs, offering our clients new team building ideas of guaranteed success.


The effective strategies we employ to plan group activities are:

• analysis of corporate objectives,

• planning the development, the entertainment and recreational activities and features,

  • logistics and choice of location,
  • arrangement of the event,
  • assistance during the course of the event program.


Our exercises and programs have all been developed with our years of experience where we have tried to always offer our clients new ideas of guaranteed success in:

Team Building Events and Venues

ADPERSONAM arranges teambuilding events and venues for any group size to encourage the team approach to working on a project, to increase the teams understanding of team dynamics and improve how the team works together. Unlike working as a group, working as a team incorporates group reliability rather than individual reliability and results in a collective work product.


Incentive and Motivation

To get “something more” from your employees, to reward a reached goal, for employee motivation, training and development.


Fidelity Programs and Corporate Gifts 

An emotion by ADPERSONAM is an extremely valuable way to gain new customers, maintaining and developing existing relationships or inspiring or rewarding your workforce.

So, whether you’re a Corporate Company, a club, or a group looking for fun, we will develop the best program for You!

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