As it often occurs with the most beautiful adventures of life, also this journey began by accident.” (Tiziano Terzani)

The idea of ADPERSONAM was born and took shape (it’s really appropriate to say for fun) thanks to two professional people from Ciociaria who share a passion: travelling . Although during the years they travelled the world for business and pleasure, they realized that had “forgotten” what they had closer: their land, Ciociaria.
They decided to discover or rediscover, crossing it, tasting it … “living” it, so they realized with awe and wonder that there, in their land of origin, there are places and treasures that have absolutely nothing to envy to others, sometimes far away and certainly highly advertised.
So they realized that Ciociaria is exciting …
Then they decided, perhaps to pay a debt of gratitude to their land of origin, to let discover and “live” it to other people in special and unique ways with high emotional experiences that leave an indelible mark.