In the heart of Italy, an ancient geographic link between Rome and Naples, the historical area known as Ciociaria spreads almost perfectly over the province of Frosinone and some villages in the provinces of Rome and Latina. Its name originates from the word “ciocie”, ancient and typical footwear once worn by local shepherds, made from a single piece of leather attached to the foot by leather strings which were wound around the calf which was also covered with a white cloth. The history and spirit of Ciociaria have been forged through its intimate connection with the landscape, from pre-Roman era with its ancient acropolises surrounded by megalithic walls, to the era of Imperial Rome and the emergence of many prosperous towns along the Via Latina. Ciociaria that we see today, however, was formed during the first century of the Middle Ages, through the civilizing work of the Benedictine Abbeys and the splendor of the Papal City. Ciociaria is a land to discover and know with a journey into the past through history, myth and legend following the steps of Ernici, Cicero, St. Thomas and St. Benedict. A visit in Ciociaria can satisfy the most varied needs, with its archaeological parks, its medieval villages within turreted walls, its majestic churches and abbeys, a sign of a strong spiritual bond, in this area at the dawn of Christianity up to the signs of contemporary civilization.