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Our custom-made proposals are planned and organized generally for two people or two couples. We will be also happy to arrange experiences for groups. The foreknowledge of the number of participants and the needs of each, will allow us to create an experience that will keep intact the essential characteristics of our proposals: exclusivity and excellence.

Why We

Our experiences are unique and can reach there in the space between the heart and the memory, they are planned in every detail in order to be lived in an engaging, personal and participatory way. We take care of every detail, and have made a careful selection of collaborators and partners who work side by side with us. In addition, thanks to the perfect knowledge of the area, the proposals of AD PERSONAM are literally “hand-sewn” according to the tastes, preferences and needs of applicants, both private citizens or companies (for which we organize incentive packages, team building, team experiences). We assist our guests in planning the experience and we are present during the whole period of fruition.


We fulfill your dreams and let you live unique emotions and exclusive experiences. With these terms we like to define ourselves, because ADPERSONAM gives you the chance to live and give emotions, culture, fun, delicious food, and memories: unique moments to valorize your leisure time, to seal a friendship, to show affection that binds you to someone. The care and attention given to our guests are the guiding thread of our services. Excellence and exclusivity are our goal.

Some advice: a presente to somebody or to yourself

JUST A TASTE … (a romantic, relaxing, cultural, gastronomic weekend, including spas and fitness, sports … and so on, and so forth!). Planned for the people who need to take a break, who want relax and enjoy and … have a first meeting with Ciociaria! These are the reasons for planning a weekend and choosing among the many suggested solutions. View All >
DISCOVERING CIOCIARIA (itineraries and excursions). This section is dedicated to those who have a little more time to themself and want to know the richness of this ancient land, among different and original itineraries, planned in a charming area largely unknown to tourists and all to be discovered. Archaeological sites, fortresses and castles, monasteries and abbeys, spas, routes which are interwoven with the natural taste of a simple local cousine. A rich and generous land that can satisfy everybody. This and more you will know visiting this wonderful place! View All >
SPORT AND ENGINES (paragliding, hang gliding, horseback riding, skiing, hiking, motorcycles, sports and luxury cars). Thanks to the sinuous shapes of its territory, Ciociaria is “naturally” fit to be crossed on tiptoe: hiking along the many trails means also to savor the slow rhythms dictated by nature that arises in all its glory. The network of tracks and paths, covering the whole territory, is suitable for exploration by mountain biking or horseback riding. On mauntains like Scalambra or Cairo and in the Comino Valley there are several stations for free flying, hang-gliding and paragliding. The fans of canoeing and soft rafting will experience to go down the rivers in the area, discovering plants and animals that inhabit the rivers. And … when winter comes, with a pair of skis you can have fun on the good equipped sky resorts of Campocatino or Campo Staffi. We also organize for motor fans: test-drive, rental or exclusive events by motor-bikers, luxury or sports or vintage cars. So, what are you dreaming … is possible in Ciociaria! View All >
GOLD EXPERIENCES special proposals even outside Ciociaria: exclusive tour to the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museums, driving a Ferrari, Ciociaria and the Pontine islands by helicopter, into an air balloon in the clouds*, the Riviera of Ulysses by boat, the Venetian coast of Lake of Garda, the Royal Palace of Caserta and the village of San Leucio, some of the most beautiful historic villas and gardens of “Bel Paese”, an evening at the opera or theater, the peninsula of Sorrento.  View All >
(* The experience in an air balloon for the package of team building as well as the flight itself requires a technical briefing with the pilots on the previous evening and an active participation to the stage of preparation for the  flight operations and post-landing.) 
SOME OTHER IDEAS… (private pastry making and cuisine of Ciociaria lessons, extra virgin olive-oil tasting, herbal lessons, a custom-made suit) View All >

Here follow some ideas to help you planning your route:


Landscape adn Sport

Ciociaria doesn’t miss anything!
The mauntains of Ernici, of  Simbruini and the Mainarde give fans of winter sports very well equipped skiing resorts as well as snowboarding or simply relax moments along the edge of the track. In summer, these are the scenarios for excursions on foot, on horseback or by bike through the woods, springs, mountain peaks, flowers and animals.