An exclusive event require an exclusive location

Let’s be clear about the meaning of an exclusive event

An exclusive event require an exclusive location

In the Italian dictionary, evènto is a term that derives from the Latin “evenire” and means «to happen, to take place», therefore it indicates something that has happened or that may take place. If we refer to the concept of English mass media, the word ‘event’, which originally referred to major sporting competitions, today is extended to any occurrence or show that attracts the public.

The word exclusive is an adjective that derives from the Latin ”excludĕre” “to exclude” and means that it belongs to one person, excluding all others from the exercise of the right itself. By extension and if we refer to the English model exclusive, especially relating to an association or club, it’s something intended for a few privileged people, for a selected audience.

Therefore, an exclusive event is a special event or moment for those who live it.

Every time a Client asks us to create an exclusive event, in AdPersonam we always ask ourselves what he expects and we face this challenge by putting ourselves in our client’s shoes and becoming our client for a second, in order to fulfil this task.

We wonder if there is a truly exclusive location and if we must raise the bar more and more looking for fantastic and fairytale places or if we must build an exciting event that meets the customer’s needs and fulfils their request, framing it in a place worthy of this result.

With this background, when do we talk about an exclusive event? And what does make an event an exclusive event?

There are many aspects to consider to build a memorable event.

It’s like a puzzle in which each piece fits together with the other: what is the occasion (ceremony, corporate event, private event), how many participants, what services should we include in the event (buffet, lighting, audio, entertainment, transport, decorations), what is the budget, what’s the season.

With these preconditions, it is well understood that the place, the location, where an event is organized becomes the perfect setting to experience the emotions of that event, as in the case of the right frame for a painting.

Therefore, there is no exclusive location but there is the right location for each event and the chosen one must represent the client and relate to him and his history.