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Rafting on the Tiber

Living an adventure
you don't expect

Rafting in Rome: is it possible?
Yes, it is! Rafting is a river sport typically associated with rushing mountain streams, but for those who want to admire Rome from a different perspective and experience the city by seeing it from its river, the Tiber, this activity guarantees fun, nature, history and adventure.

An experience to share with family or friends,certainly enjoyable, especially for sports and nature lovers, or those who want to experience the thrill of a soft rafting descent in the heart of Rome. Passing under the historic bridges and enjoying the beauty of the Tiber up close, they can challenge themselves and the current of the river, savouring the thrill of risk.

Team building for the companies

This proposal can also be used as an exciting team-building experience. What can be the point of team-building rafting?
The river rapids are unpredictable and although we are in “protected” conditions, the team is to all intents and purposes in the middle of a river with a dinghy. We can find many business metaphors:

  • crisis management (possible man in the water)
  • execution (quickly pulling the man out of the water)
  • coordination (paddling all together saves the team’s energy)
  • leadership (the leader guides the team)
  • trust (if the team does not follow the directions scrupulously, the rapids become much more challenging)
  • energy (adrenaline and emotion make your heart beat faster)
  • union (the raft can flip over if the team is not in a balanced position).

The necessary requirements and
recommendations to carry out this activity

  • No previous experience is necessary. Before each descent, the guides will give a detailed explanation of paddling techniques, safety and how to behave on board.
  • The minimum age for participants is 12 years old (all minors must be authorized by a relative or legal representative).
  • Participants must be able to swim and be in good health conditions, without any cardiac contraindications.
  • Rafting is a sport in contact with the water and therefore it is easy to get wet during the descent. We recommend that you always carry a dry change of clothes. Clothing in the raft should not be too heavy and you must not wear bags or backpacks. The shoes must be sneakers or closed-toe sandals (flip-flops are not allowed). In summer, we recommend to bring sunscreen.
  • The best period is from April to October.