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Truffle hunting and excavation: an exciting experience

Hunting for the ``nuggets`` of the woods:
finding them is like discovering a treasure

If there is one thing that everyone loves to do that is travelling and discovering the world. At AdPersonam we believe that there are many different reasons to travel: to have the opportunity to do things never done before, to meet new people, to taste new local dishes, to discover new places, to live new experiences.
Certainly one of the most intense and fascinating experiences is to participate in the truffle hunt.
The element “Truffle hunting and excavation in Italy: traditional knowledge and practices” has been recognised in 2021 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
With this recognition, Unesco certainly has intended to enhance the knowledge and traditional Italian practices related to the world of truffles and to the rural life of communities in the Italian peninsula. Man and dog, together in a relationship of great friendship built up over many walks in the woods, confront nature, try to unravel its mysteries and capture its most hidden and wild essence. Truffle search and excavation represents the implementation of a set of knowledge and practices (based above all on the dog’s sense of smell, the real protagonist of this experience), still very common in the countryside of this country, handed down orally through fables, anecdotes, proverbs and sayings, all expressions that reflect the local cultural identity.

Accompanying the truffle hunter – the trifolaio – and his dog means witnessing an ancient and great tradition, a spectacle. It means experiencing an emotion! An emotion capable of bringing together man, dog, tradition, territory and uniqueness. Because every truffle is different from the others, in taste and smell, since it cannot be replicated or cultivated and it totally depends on the nature of the soil, it owes its shape to a root, a stone or a grain of the subsoil.

What is the AdPersonam experience?

A walk of about two hours through the woods, where only the sounds of nature can be heard, away from the city and inhabited centres, together with one of the dearest friends you can have: the dog. In the company of the latter, with a lot of patience. The experience is guided by one of our trusted truffle hunters who will accompany you into the woods together with his dog.
After an introduction to the types of plants, soil and environment necessary for the precious underground fungus to grow, the dog is free to explore the woods off-leash.
At the end of the search, you will reach a splendid location where you can enjoy an excellent lunch based on the products collected and toast with a glass of wine.


Every region of Italy (with few exceptions) can offer you this precious product of nature.
From North to South of Italy, without neglecting any Region, let us take you on a journey through the lands where the king of mushrooms grows! It will also be an opportunity to discover small villages, exploring those places where a good meal is considered an excellent art form and it is never difficult to find a good bottle of wine.


You can find truffles in any season!

Throughout the year, truffles grow in abundance and, depending on the season, the different varieties can be harvested which, in chronological order, are:

  • the Bianchetto or “Marzuolo” truffle (January/March),
  • the Black Summer Truffle or “Scorzone” (May/Early September),
  • the Uncinato truffle or “winter scorzone” (October/December),
  • the White Truffle, (September/January),
  • the Black Winter Truffle (November/Mid-March),
  • the Precious Black Truffle (December/Mid-March).

Our recommendations

For the hike, we recommend suitable clothing and shoes for a walk in the woods.
It is necessary to wear long and comfortable trousers (the ankles must be covered). Sneakers are fine but we recommend wearing boots in order to have the ankles locked.