Tailor Emotions

"Nothing heals the soul except the senses, the senses except that nothing heals the soul." (O. Wilde)

We are Emotion creators

Emotion should be a normal component of our lives, but more and more often, the dizzying and sometimes uncontrollable pace that society imposes on us makes it an exceptional and rare event.

AdPersonam offers the possibility to find and rediscover the “normal” pleasure of being thrilled by living, in an “exceptional” way, unique and exclusive experiences that can reach there, in the space between the heart and the memory, planned in every detail, to be experienced in an engaging, personal and participatory way.

The deeply rooted feeling that drives all our staff every day is the ability to provide the customer with meaningful emotions.

The care and attention given to our Guests are the common thread of our services. Excellence and exclusivity are our goals.


Our “tailor-maid” approach to travel consultancy aims to create a relationship of trust with you from the very first contact. Contacting AdPersonam means receiving personal attention: we will dedicate ourselves to making your dream holiday in Italy come true, providing maximum flexibility in meeting your requests for a special travel experience, whatever they may be.

Together, we will discover your vision for the perfect trip. This phase is more about WHY you want to travel, than where. Through a brief and thoughtful “Discover” conversation, we understand your unique dreams and goals. Starting from your idea of travel, thanks to our experience and direct knowledge of the destinations, AdPersonam will be by your side from the first meeting until you return home, building with you and around your needs a unique, exclusive, tailor-made trip.



We prep our partners to prepare for your arrival. During the journey,your AdPersonam consultant works behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to make any necessary changes. Bon Voyage! Discover the difference as you travel in “the AdPersonam Way”.

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