Our history

“As it often occurs with the most beautiful adventures of life, also this journey began by accident.” (Tiziano Terzani)

For fun, by chance or perhaps,
on a bet.

The idea of Ad Personam was born and took shape during a holiday in Austria, thanks to two freelancers and great friends who, even if they had not known each other for a long time and although they came from different working environments, they shared a great passion: travelling. That journey, without knowing it, already concealed the essence of AdPersonam,because it was designed by the rebellious and unconventional spirit of one of the two: Giuseppina Roma.

It was “far from home”, leaving the highways and main roads for the country lanes, searching for charming towns with fortresses and castles that told distant stories, visiting palaces and monuments, enjoying beautiful landscapes,savouring the slow pace and gastronomic specialities while chasing storks and ceramics, that we realized we had “forgotten” what we had closer: our land.

After a couple of years of experimentation and preparation, warm-up (as motorcyclists would say), we decided to start an entrepreneurial challenge that would best interpret our conception and vision of travelling and “feeling good”, with the aim of offering to other people highly emotional experiencesthat would leave an indelible mark.
The passion and conviction are so strong and overwhelming that Giuseppina, the “mother” of the creation, decides, after a career as a designer engineer and site manager, to live her second life, dedicating “body and soul” exclusively to AdPersonam which, sees the light in 2015.
Giuseppina has created a close-knit team of collaborators and partners who have allowed the company to establish itself as a true boutique in which the customer can find a solution that is truly tailored to their needs: in a word, an ad personam service.

A real hotbed of ideas A real hotbed of ideas

In recent years, AdPersonam, in parallel with the experiences reserved for private customers, has created a real hotbed of ideas dedicated to the corporate world, creating highly original events as well as exclusive, in the way they are conceived, paying great attention to environmental sustainability in their implementation.


Stubbornness, organizational rigour and pleasure of taking on impossible challenges, combined with passion, creativity and vision, make AdPersonam a reality able to interpret innovatively and with great reactivity all the paradigm shifts that the world, and not just events, faces in order to offer its customers an experience that reaches right there, in the space between the heart and the memory.

The space between the heart and the memory The space between the heart and the memory