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Before storing memories, first you need to live!

We are Experience Consultants

People are looking for relationships, interactions, sensory, rational and emotional experiences (ideally memorable) able to create symbolic value and improve the quality of their life. In ADPERSONAM,we work with passion to make your dreams come true and make you experience unique, unrepeatable, permanent emotions, by making you the protagonist of your journey and not just a spectator. Thanks to the talented team that combines professional skills with in-depth destination knowledge, we develop event solutions for individuals and companies with a human-centred approach that combines strategy, creativity and flawless execution to deliver truly immersive experiences.

We help companies grow, creating innovative events and formats that put customers and employees at the centre of the experience, to work across the entire organization through the power of perspective.

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Rome: a thousand-year history charm Rome: a thousand-year history charm

The only city in the world to house an entire foreign state within its borders, the enclave of the Vatican City, which is why often referred to as the capital of two states, its historic centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980.

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