MICE Tourism

Meeting, Incentive, Congress, Events. We offer you excellent facilities for corporate events and outdoor meetings, incentive travels and team building activities.


If the objective of a company is to create a moment of dialogue, an opportunity for discussion, meetings are the starting point, the spark that lights the light bulb of a revolutionary idea. The meeting is also an occasion for the group to have fun, because in addition to the comparison and presentation of company results, moments of entertainment, games and original initiatives are also organised to help the colleagues to get to know each other in a different way. You can choose to explore the exclusivity of a countryside paradise, an island hideaway or a mountain paradise. AdPersonam will provide you with a wide range of exclusive and special locations,non-traditional and unusual venues, with a constant search for quality and authenticity of what is offered to participants, in the most attractive corners of the country.

Incentive tour ed experience

We design experiences to improve people’s ability to work together,to reward good performance, motivate employees’ work effort and increase their loyalty or to get off that imaginary “high horse” that too often drastically separates managers and collaborators.

We offer companies original, enriching and motivating experiential activities, created specifically for guests, difficult to replicate on a stand-alone trip, as well as being closely linked to the destination of the journey, as they help to create unique memories, which will foster the creation of strong bonds in the group of participants.

Team building Team building

Co-workers are most likely the people with whom we spend most hours of the day.Together we develop projects, complete challenging tasks, deal with problems, let off steam and find solutions. The quality of relationships between colleagues is therefore essential for a good working climate and a good quality of life, in general.
AdPersonam offers companies experiential outdoor and indoor team-building activities based on the specific needs of our clients, to create team spirits, stimulate creativity and discover new attitudes and skills. The activities are of various types, from games to sports to creative ones, but all with the aim of strengthening team spirit,generating greater wellbeing, communication and cooperation, starting precisely with a common experience.
Our Team experience are an opportunity to get out of the so-called comfort zone and, gradually, enter the growth zone, enriching one’s own baggage with new knowledge and learning; experimenting a new way of relating to others, stimulating and increasing collaboration in the work team, encouraging knowledge, communication, trust and empathy, with the aim of making it feel like a real team.
Forming a group, therefore, “playing” together, getting to know each other, finding fellowship, being cohesive and being able to work together to reach a common goal.

Corporate events

Corporate events are a time for exchange, sharing and comparison. They are an opportunity to show the face of the company, to make themselves known and come into contact with the area in which the company operates.

The main purpose of an event is to create the conditions for the public live a memorable experience, which will stimulate positive mental associations with the sponsoring company. Therefore, a well-designed event is an experience for the participants and, possibly, a memorable one. At AdPersonam, we believe that it is essential to create the event in order to excite those who participate by proposing narrative spaces with which you enter not only people’s heads, but also in their hearts. This is the only way to have any chance of being remembered.

It is possible to organize all kinds of events: conferences, trade fairs, business meetings, book presentations, aperitifs with special guests, vernissages, inaugurations, you name it.

It all depends on the goals you set yourself.

An event, among other things, can serve to:

  • present a product or service;
  • provide specific training to professionals;
  • open the company’s doors to the public to make themselves known;
  • Networking;
  • provide a report of the activity carried out up to that moment;
  • raise funds.

With what results?
Increased brand awareness and understanding, improvement of the company’s image and social recognition. The important thing is to choose the type of event closest to your needs, bearing in mind the target audience and the goal. Therefore, a corporate event is not something you can joke about, preparation and planning are the basis for a successful event, whatever its purpose.