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Lazio Experience

Discovering the treasures of Lazio behind the
wheel of a supercar.

Lazio is not just Rome but also other beautiful areas, such as the province of Viterbo, also known as “Tuscia”, the Apennines in the mountains of Rieti, the territory of Frosinone also called “Ciociaria”, and the Pontine coast on the sea of Latina. And although the “Eternal City” shines with spectacular monuments and buildings bequeathed by the Ancient Romans, the rest of the region boasts the great natural landscapes of Central Italy and offers many possibilities for interesting itineraries.
In short, Lazio is a mythical land, of great and small men, of large cities and small villages, where traditions are still alive. And it must be savoured step by step so as not to miss interesting glimpses or corners.
We will travel along new and fascinating roads, many will be the villages that we will leave behind us, each with its traditions and its typicalness, it will be up to you to decide what to focus on: certainly there is no lack of choice!

The pleasure of discovering villages

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to hit the road and discover delightful and evocative routes that never cease to amaze you? Would you like to combine the pleasure of discovering villages, pearls that preserve the authenticity of the flavours and traditions of the past, with the pleasure of driving a dream sports car or a vintage car?

To allow our guests to experience unique emotions, AdPersonam offers you an exclusive 11-day/10-night tour that can be “tailor-made”. It will allow you to explore villages, castles, archaeological sites, ghost towns and mysterious places, sacred places and of worship, natural parks and lakes, Renaissance and Baroque gardens, museums, the Wine and Food Roads, combining the historical, cultural, gastronomic and wine heritage with nature.

An itinerary idea, entirely customizable, visiting the wonders of the region that is home to Rome

The proposed tour is a precious itinerary in an ancient and in many ways still intact territory, enriched by some exclusive and unique experiences but, the way in which it has been designed, allows you to choose to experience the entire route or select only some stops and enrich the experiences presented with additional ones of your interest.

You can also choose whether to go on your own, with your family or friends, the important thing is to set off and … have a good journey!


Can be customized to suit the needs and wishes of the participants;
Can be modified according to the requests of our guests;
Can be adapted to larger groups;
24/7 assistance


Supercar rental delivered and collected where required;
Auto assistance / forerunner;
Assistance personnel in an adequate and proportionate way to the participants;
Walkie talkies to communicate with the assistance staff;
Luggage transport, fuel, parking and any motorway tolls;
Private tour guides to the destinations / visited attractions;
24/7 assistance during the tour;
Overnight stays.
Not included: meals, travel insurance, anything not specified among the included services.


Ferrari Portofino
Ferrari F8 Spider
Ferrari 812 Superfast
Ferrari 812 GTS
Ferrari GTC4Lusso
Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder
Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder
Lamborghini Aventador

Here is our itinerary proposal:

Day 1

Arrival in Rome

Day 2

Visit archaeological and natural parks just outside Rome.

Departing from Rome, guests will travel through the cities of Etruria, visiting one of the largest and most ancient Etruscan necropolises that have come down to us. The afternoon will be enlivened by a tour to a small fishing village on the shores of Lake Bracciano, dominated by the majesty of one of the most beautiful Renaissance residences in Europe. Guests will find themselves as if immersed in a fairy tale of a thousand years ago.

Day 3

Discovering the scenic beauties of Tuscia between sky and earth.

This day will be dedicated to an excursion that will give indescribable emotions. Guests will be able enjoy a truly exciting experience, admiring the Latium landscape from a privileged perspective, on board an ultra-light aircraft. The rest of the day can be spent visiting interesting villages with a decadent and romantic charm. The afternoon can be enlivened by moments of relaxation or by alternative activities of your choice.

Day 4

Exploring Tuscia through Renaissance palaces, medieval towns and villages.

This day will see guests first in Caprarola with its characteristic alleys between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, ups and downs, underpasses, bridges, stairways and dark vaults, a succession of suggestive corners, glimpses of the Cimini Mountains and the untouched natural surroundings. The afternoon will be spent visiting Viterbo, the “city of the Popes”. Here the present meets the past, and you can wander around Europe’s largest medieval historic centre.

Day 5

Stroll through magnificent gardens and ancient villages of northern Lazio.

Guests will travel through one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, the area around Lake Bolsena, visiting small villages where time seems to have stopped. They will first reach Villa Lante, considered one of the most beautiful villas in the world, with its gardens, water games, fountains and statues. Afterwards guests will visit Civita di Bagnoregio, also known as the “dying city”.

Day 6

On the way to hermitages and abbeys of Sabina.

Guests are offered a visit to the Sacro Bosco, also known as Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo, a unique place in the world, a surreal space where myths, legends, monsters and characters from literature become grotesque sculptures covered in moss. We will then reach the Abbey of Farfa and finally Greccio, two places deep in the heart of the Sabina and filled with spirituality. In particular, Greccio is so special that even St. Francis was struck by it and It was in fact there that the Saint gave life to the first nativity scene.

Day 7

From Sabina to Ciociaria.

This day will see the participants at first in one of the most beautiful monasteries in Italy, a swallow’s nest, as Pope Pius II described it when he saw it. It stands on the exact spot where St. Benedict took refuge as a hermit. The day will continue with a visit to another jewel of the Middle Ages: the Romanesque Cathedral of Anagni and its crypt, often referred to as “The Sistine Chapel of the Middle Ages” for its frescoes. In the afternoon, guests will spend moments of relaxation in the hotel SPA.

Day 8

Along the Via Benedicti of Ciociaria.

On this day, our guests will discover the sacred places of Ciociaria: the Charterhouse of Trisulti, surrounded by a fairy-tale landscape, among steep cliffs and centuries-old forests, dominating a wide and wild valley; the imposing Casamari Abbey, one of the most remarkable monuments of Cistercian-Gothic architecture that has remained intact to this day; and finally the Montecassino Abbey. It is the second oldest monastery in Italy, the place where St. Benedict is buried and sadly linked to the events of the Second World War and the Allied bombing of 1944.

Day 9

Enjoying the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Buffalo Mozzarella.

Guests will make, at first, a gastronomic stop to watch the production of one of Italy’s most representative dairy products, which has obtained the PDO indication: the buffalo mozzarella.
Later, we will reach the Abbey of Fossanova, a fine example of the first Italian Gothic style, or more precisely a visible form of transition from Romanesque to Gothic. Finally, a visit to the Garden of Ninfa: ranked by the New York Times among the most beautiful and romantic in the world. A wonderful oasis born on the ruins of an ancient city, it is also a natural monument of the Italian Republic.

Day 10

Back to Rome: Castel Gandolfo and the Alban Hills.

The last day will take participants to Rome, with a stop in Castel Gandolfo for a guided tour of the village and the papal residence. In the afternoon, return to Rome.

Day 11


Should you wish to extend your trip, spending a few days in Rome or reaching other destinations, we can create and organize your vacation, both at the beginning and at the end of the proposed tour.
The program is indicative and may be subject to “tailor-made” changes, including alternative itineraries and activities before / after the proposed program. Photo and video reportage.