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Rome: a thousand-year history charm

Urbe, Caput Mundi, Eternal City.
In a word, Rome.

The only city in the world to house an entire foreign state within its borders, the enclave of the Vatican City,which is why often referred to as the capital of two states, its historic centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980.

Talking about Rome is like emptying the sea with a teaspoon. It is a city that is absolutely unique in the world: it has no equal for history, charm, tradition, unquestionable beauty and splendour, a treasure chest of artistic and architectural masterpieces.

2774 years old, or perhaps more (according to legend, Romulus founded the city in 753 B.C., on the 21st of April, the Birthday of Rome but according to others, it was founded two centuries earlier) and with a historic centre that covers over 14 square kilometres, Rome is a marvellous city, cradle of an empire and a civilization, custodian of artistic treasures of incalculable value that cannot be described in a few lines and that deserves to be visited several times.

You can go back a hundred times and never get tired: there is always something you have not seen yet and the most beautiful places to see again. Rome can surprise you in every corner, alley or square, or in that little church where you have passed by many times and have never entered because of laziness or superficiality.

It is certainly one of the most popular and desired destinations for tourists from all over the world, and millions of them are lucky enough to visit it every year. This is why the list of books about it is endless, the films that have been set there and the documentaries that describe it, and enhance its majesty, are numerous, as well as the countless tourist guides.

On the web, it is easy to come across travel reports, itineraries and mini-guides created by travel bloggers who try to give advice or suggest more or less secret, suggestive, unmissable, trendy, themed or timed itineraries, trying to recount glimpses of this city, its magic. And there is nothing worse than living a city like a “tourist” but, while travelling, you should always focus on the keyword “Experience”. In our ad personam mapping (meaning tailor-made),we would like to guide you through the discovery of some of the city’s palaces, monuments and landmarks, which, although well known, can be experienced in a privileged dimension, from different perspectives, becoming a location for private events.

Business meetings, corporate workshops or gala evenings acquire prestige and exclusivity if set in a museum hall or a historic palace. As an added value, we offer special opening hours for museums with guided tours of the permanent collections or temporary exhibitions and personalized tours by highly qualified art historians.